Managed Services

Maintain continuity and growth of your critical business applications with our team and technology. 

How we can help

Seamless Integration into your Ecosystem

Our cloud based project management tools, CI / CD automation tools, cloud ticketing systems seamlessly integrate with client development ecosystem to drive business growth and continuity with a short ramp up time.

Application Managed Services

We support and manage applications built on the Microsoft ecosystem from traditional DOTNET to the latest DOTNET Core applications. We are a group of Microsoft certified developers as well as Microsoft partner that continuously add capabilities to better support you.

Cloud Monitoring

Setting up of monitoring for your cloud applications, and to be able to respond to the production issues in a timely manner will help maintain business continuity and improve stakeholder confidence. Setting up and responding to the alerts from application containers will provide competitive edges for your application load balancing and high availability needs.

Our Solutions

  • Maintenance and Quality control of Microsoft applications.
  • Setting up and responding to Azure and AWS cloud monitoring services.
  • Setting up and responding to Azure and AWS cloud monitoring services.
  • Setting of up of and maintaining CI/CD tools.
Managed services form


We are consistently improving the service experience and refining the methods to help achieve business success for our customers. For an insider look to our stories, check out below for our recent insights: