Why NCompas


Automated Tests and Continuous delivery pipelines to ensure that high quality iterative product is deployed with every release.

Consulting Services

Get a jumpstart to your technology idea with our expertise in Cloud, Mobile, IoT, AR/VR solutions.

Pre-Development Testing

Visualize and Interact with UX designs at a low cost before the actual application is developed.

Ensured Business Impact

We ensure business impact and ROI early on through our iterative development and delivery model.

Flexible Payments

We offer Pay-Per-Milestone and Fixed-Cost approach to products to manage releases within budget, which is vital for the success of a Startup.

Get to Market Faster

With time and resources being scarce, we let you focus on growing the company by leaving the IT to us.

Manage IT Budgets

Without compromising quality, a hybrid delivery model is used with leadership based in Cleveland, OH, and the development team based in India to keep costs low.

Mitigate Risks

With project development costs having the potential to spiral out of control, we offer various pay-per-milestone options.

Scale as you Grow

Expand your IT infrastructure as quickly as you need it, without having the expensive upfront capital costs that could be allocated towards talent.

End-to-end software development partner services

Have experience working with startups in B2B, SAAS, E-commerce marketplaces, business processes and analytics solutions..

Software craftsmans startup form

Case Studies on How we helped some Startups

We helped product Startups from Ideation to MVP offering UX Designs, Mobile, Web and Cloud development services in a fast, iterative Agile delivery model.